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Offical Rules

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Offical Rules Empty Offical Rules

Post  Lucas on Thu Dec 20, 2007 2:33 pm

1) Read and follow the rule summaries and the rule stickies located at the top of each forum before posting.

2) Do not flame (insult, degrade, send discriminative comments to, or otherwise intentionally offend) other members or staff members, whether through posts or private messages.

3) Do not beg for free money or items.

4) Respect all staff members' decisions, and follow the orders of forum leaders, moderators, global moderators, and admins. [If you disagree with a staff member's decision, you may peacefully and maturely argue with them or with someone of a higher rank, assuming that you have a means of backing up your claims.]

5) Do not publicly discuss the state of specific banned members (eg. asking why they're banned, demanding them to be unbanned, etc). It's best to PM a moderator+ with any question concerning a banned member.

6) Do not put harmful, offensive, filter-evading, obscene, or ****ographic content in your avatar/signature and don't use a signature that is too large.

7) Do not encourage others to break any of the rules above or below.

Cool Do not post polls in other sections than Voting or Graphics.


Make your posts meaningful, and do not post brief comments such as "lol," "nice," or "10/10."

Do not double-post (post twice in a row in the same topic). Instead, please edit your posts with updated content.

Do not post "Bump" or a meaningless post for the sole sake of raising a topic's position in the forum index.

Unless it is your topic, do not post in topics that have titles beginning with "[Answered]." Those indicate answered questions, and if you need to inform the topic starter of anything else, you may send them a private message.

Do not post a new topic directed at a certain member. Use the private message system for all private conversations.

Do not abuse the topic/post-report feature by reporting posts that do not require moderating. [This is considered a form of spamming, and it will be dealt with as if it were topic spam.]

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