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monster guide by sagermage2

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monster guide by sagermage2 Empty monster guide by sagermage2

Post  sagermage on Mon Dec 24, 2007 12:26 am

hello and welcome to the monster guide by sagemager2 this guide will show u what monster there are,where monsters are,and what they drop *if u need more help pm me in game my name is sagermage2
p.s. don't mind spelling errors right now i was rushing to finish this at 12:30 at night -.- i will fix them over time
Monster Guide
1 yanille
2 seers
3 dragon cave
4 edgevile
5 legends guild
6 mage arena
7 yanille dungen

1. Yanille

whats all there and there locations

-rats / north of bank /drop 400k and afew iron weapons and armor
-chickens / also north of bank but past the city wall / cow hide, 1000 needles, 10000 thread
-druids / west of bank and shop / 1mill, obby maul, g maul, dragon armor, whip, skeleton, fury, glory, zerker
ice gloves, and legend cape
-moss giants / west of bank south of druids / nothing
-jads / west of bank and alittle bet after moss giants / h'ween masks, 2mill
-san to jalon / next to jads / nothing (i think)
-heros / west of jads & san / nothing
-dad / right by heros / rune boots, climbing boots, 1 mill (i think)

2 Seers *to get here use the magic book and go to 2 tele to seers

whats all there (nothing much right now)

-ice queen / south of seers bank but the church / ice gloves

3. Dragon cave * the 3rd teleport in your prayer book to get there

whats all there (dragons! ahhh!!! just kidding but really)

-green dragon / right there where u teled / dragon bones & blue d'hide (i was thinking it would drop green)
-blue dragon / right there where u teled / dragons bones & blue d'hide
-red dragon / right there where u teled / dragon bones & red d'hide

4. edgevile * 4th teleport in magic book

whats all there....pking

5. legends guild *tele there and then talk to guard and walk down to the stairs going down and click on them and walk from there

whats all there....

-Barrows / at the start the dungen at legends guild / they drop there armor
-evil chickens / in the back of the dungen / nothing
- giant mole / inbetween evil chcikens / nothing

6 . mage arena *get there by aubury by right click on him and tele

whats all there.....
-steel dragons/ right there / 1000 iron arrows, iron bar, crystal shield, dragon bones
-prime / right there / d axe & obby shield
-rex / right there / red and orange keys and coins

7 yanille dungen *south of bank down the stairs need red and orange key to get the the monster

-jungle demon / at the end of yanille dungen in pipe / dragon scimmy,herbla,2hander,plateskirt

well i hope i help people out with this and i will also try to keep on updating this guide so for now peace

-made by Sagermage2 =D[b]

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