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Pures Owns (PO)

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Pures Owns (PO) Empty Pures Owns (PO)

Post  pur3 0wns79 on Thu Jan 24, 2008 6:45 pm

~Introduction~ (1)

Hello, and welcome to the Pures Owns (PO)

The leader of this clan is Pur3 0wns79!

Please read on how to join, infomation about the clan, and alot more!


~Table of contents~ (2)

-Introduction (1)
-Table of contents (2)
-Requirements (3)
-How to join (4)
-Rules (5)
-Ranks (6)
-Events (7)

~Requirements~ (3)

For the required client, I suggest Dodian to be able to see skillcapes. But any client is fine!

*You must be active, nice, loyal, helpful, cool, not a noob, etc*

(For pures' requirements)

90+ combat
70+ mage
70+ Range
80+ str
Active, nice, and loyal

(For normal people)

100+ combat
70+ mage
70+ range
A combat skill such as strenght, defence, or attack higher than 80
Active, nice, and loyal

(For skillers)

3+ combat
Atleast 3+ skills that is 99
Active nice, and loyal

NOTE: If you do not have these requirements, please don't join this clan.


~How to join~ (4)

To join you need those requirements and fill this application out!
Please follow directions

(1)Copy and paste
(2)Fill out
(3)Enter it

Are you a mod, admin or just a player:
Skiller? Normal? Or pure:
What you mostly do on combat? Mage?Range?Combat:
Active, loyal, nice, etc (yes/no):
How much you play a week:
Know knowledge of the server (yes/no):
Mage level (For pures and normal):
Range level (For pures and normal):
Strenght level (For pures and normal):
Attack level (For pures and normal):
Defence level (For pures and normal):
Any other good stats:
Combat level:


~Rules~ (5)

-Follow all server rules

-Respect all members of the clan and other players

-HELP eachother

-Listen and follow the leader's instructions

-Basic rules

If you don't follow these simple rules, I WILL kick you out of the clan

NOTE: Any member seeing another member breaking rules, such as not helping, disrespect, etc..
Tell me!!


~Ranks~ (6)

Leader: Pur3 0wns79
Co Leader: None
Warlord: None
Eval: None
Mentor: None

What do these ranks do!?!?!?

-A leader leads the clan, most power in the clan

-A co leader helps the leader and everyone else, also suggesting ideas, etc, second most power

-Warlord suggest new events, when events should happen, get us clan wars, etc, 3rd most power

-Eval accepts people to the clan or declines the application they send, 4th most power

-Mentor helps the new members in the clan with any question about the clan, 4th most power

NOTE: Co leaders and Warlords are also allow to accept/decline application from players.
NOTE: Co leaders are allow to kick players out of the clan.

QUESTION: Can I ask/beg for a rank?

ANSWER: No, I probably kicked you out!
QUESTION: Can I apply for a rank?

ANSWER: YES! You can't apply for co leader, you can only be one for doing VERY GOOD!! VERY GOOD!!
But you are allow to apply for........ Warlord, Eval, and Mentor!
But you need to know alot alot alot of infomation about the clan.

Here are the applications to try out. But do this first!

(1)Copy and paste the rank you want
(2)Fill out the application
(3)Enter it

~Warlord Application~

Combat level:
Knowledge of the clan:
Be able to decline/accept player's application:
Be able to host events good:

~Eval Application~
Combat level:
Knowledge of the clan:
MUST BE ABLE to accept/decline player's application:

~Mentor Application~

Combat level:
KNOWLEDGE of the clan:
WILL HELP new members:

*Please don't quit the clan if you didn't get your rank*


~Events~ (7)

In Pures Owns (PO), we be doing...

-Killing Jungle demons together
-Killing Jads together
-Pking in Edgeville
-Training together
-Chilling/hanging out
-Alot more!

NOTE: Inactive members will be kicked out of the clan. YOU MUST attend 3 events per week.

pur3 0wns79

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